Newsarama calls SPENCER & LOCKE ‘Calvin & Hobbes Meets Sin City’

Action Lab Entertainment May 2017 cover

Grand Design is agent for foreign rights for all Action Lab Entertainment titles. Zach Smith at Newarama has a great piece on Action Lab’s hit anthropomorphic detective series SPENCER & LOCKE:

What if one of the most beloved characters in children’s comic grew up…and became a cop?

This Wednesday, readers will find out in Spencer & Locke, the new Action Lab Entertainment miniseries which asks, “What if Calvin and Hobbes grew up in Sin City?” The dark, surreal take on the classic comic characters comes from a new name to comic book creation that Newsarama readers know well – David Pepose, head of Newsarama’s Best Shots review team.

Pepose talked with Newsarama about his and Jorge Santiago’s new creator-owned series, and how it came to be.

Newsarama: So, David – who is Spencer, and who is Locke?

David Pepose: They’re a pair of hard-boiled detectives with a twist – one’s a tough-as-nails cop, the other’s an imaginary talking panther. But as Locke would tell you, don’t judge – you probably got weirder friends.

Spencer and Locke are the kind of partners with a chemistry that comes from being lifelong best friends – it’s very much a yin and yang sort of dynamic. Detective Locke is a hard man with a harder past, a scrappy gumshoe whose bite is much worse than his bark – he’s the kind of guy who can (and does) tackle perps twice his size, just to prove he can.

Meanwhile, even though he’s not real, Spencer acts as Locke’s conscience, his intuition – sometimes even his very humanity. And as we’ll discover over the course of this dark detective story, their friendship was forged through some truly harrowing experiences, and that there’s a good reason why Locke has carried Spencer well past his childhood.


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