Brewing ideas

You have a project? Let's talk about it! Let's make it good. No… Let's make it GRAND! We sometimes call ourselves "the Kobayashi Gurus". Because, just as the famous Star Trek captain, we don't see "failure" as an option.

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From brief to finished product we deliver everything you expect and more! Our team will give life to your magazine, your comic book, your website and everything you'll give them to package. There's more exciting than a challenge (or two… or more).

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Reaching the world

The Grand Design Communications team has 20+ years experience as litterary and licensing agents. We can represent your IP and help you bring revenue from YOUR creation. Sit back. Do what you do best (creating your own stuff) and let us do the rest.

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WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Write to us now! Call! Email! Scream! We’re here for you… anytime.

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