The Circle #1 Sells Out At Diamond!

Following up the sell out of Tomboy #1, Damon Clark and Alyzia Zherno’s The Circle#1 sells out completely at Diamond Comic Distributors. The occult horror thriller has clearly struck a nerve with fans.

The Circle revolves around  a boy named Christian, a recent transplant to the sleepy coastal town of Shell Bay. What begins as playful shenanigans with “the weird kids” turns deadly dark as satanic spells unleash a darkness that can only be stopped by the ritualistic death of his “Circle” of friends.

In reaction to the news that #1 sold out, writer Damon Clark comments, “When I first heard issue #1 sold out, I thought there was no way this could be true. What kind of joke is this, am I being Punked? Ashton? Seriously, thanks to anyone that bought the book and thanks to Action Lab for putting it out there. I hope you enjoyed #1, ’cause that was only the introduction, it only gets crazier from there.”

Read the first issue HERE.

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What people are saying about The Circle:

“This for me is the emergence of a very talented writer whose career is going to be one to watch.”   (Reading with a Flight Ring)

“Action Lab Comics, although only six years old, should hold The Circle in high regards as one of the best independent reads I have read this year.” (Slack Jaw Punks)

“Zherno’s art is definitely a revelation. It’s wonderfully sinister and intriguingly beautiful. 
It is not something most people see in comics and Zherno uses that to her advantage…. Clark’s writing is exquisite here, making a damn near perfect first issue with his writing alone.” (The Broken Infinite/Seraph’s Sanctions)

“It’s interesting and unique, and the world Damon has written for us is one I hope to be able to live in for a good while.” (Comic Crusaders)

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