BATTRON: BEFORE THE CHARIOTS – A lost American squad and two Legionnaires face off against Germans army!

Worldwide publishing rights are now available from Grand Design for Wayne Vansant’s return to historical fiction with a gripping new full color graphic novel, BATTRON: BEFORE THE CHARIOTS. Vansant has authored more than a dozen graphic novels and is one of the leading authors of military history graphic novels, both fiction and non-fiction.

Vansant, will tell a new story of his French Foreign Legionnaire, the mononymously-named Battron, teaming him up with a lost squad of Americans as, unbeknownst to them, the Germans prepare for the Battle of the Bulge.

Two Legionnaires and a lost squad of Americans take refuge in Aufenscheidt.

When Battron and his friend are trapped in the tiny, isolated village of Aufenscheidt with a motley assortment of American soldiers, they must make a plan quickly to as the Germans keep cautiously probing toward the town with increasing savagery. But the little village is of no strategic consequence, and someone is supplying the German forces with information about the disposition of American forces in the town.  Who could it be?  The old priest?  The beautiful young noblewoman?  Or one of the G.I. stragglers who is using the town for shelter?

And Battron’s last problem, perhaps the most perplexing: Who can he trust to best guarantee the survival of Esclaviar and himself?  The untested young sergeant, who is further distracted because of having experienced love for the first time.  The fiery, belligerent first sergeant, who seems hell bent to look death squarely in the face, bringing his company with him.  Or Battron’s own combat prowess,  honed in many battles, but now facing hordes of Waffen SS troops and tanks.

For more details and sample pages visit BATTRON: BEFORE THE CHARIOTS. To inquire about publishing and other rights contact us!

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